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Regarding: Little Daisy Pendant Necklace:

My friend was sooo surprised and excited by her daisy!  it really means a lot to both of us as we met / travelled overseas together (where she bought my original daisy for my 25th birthday in 1997 but she didn't have enough money to buy one for herself, it was about 10 pounds but that's a lot to a backpacker) and we've both come home to Australia to find husbands, have kids etc and only see each other once a year due to distance but remain the closest of friends.  She, like I, have been looking for anything similar for years and years.  And then I looked for a jeweller for years whose work was similar to make them and then I thankfully found you.  My niece is turning 18 in December so I will give her one of the daisies with my story about it, and my daughters are four and eight so they've got a few years to go.  Everyday my four year old says "Mummy I love you and your daisy so much", cute.


Thanks again for your great correspondence and your stunning craftsmanship Hilary . . .






Regarding: Sterling Silver Large Heart Pendant Necklace

Gorgeous. Thank you so much, wonderful birthday present , Anna

Regarding: Sterling Silver Custom Name Necklace

Hello Hilary. Just a short email to say how happy I am with the name necklace I recently purchased from you. I was looking for a name necklace as a birthday present for my daughter, and wanted something a bit more sturdy than the wire name necklaces that I had seen around. I came across your listing on the 'made it' website and sent you a message, which you replied to very promptly and professionally. The necklace arrived in time for Christmas and my daughter absolutely loves it; it made the perfect Christmas present and is something my daughter will treasure for a long time to come. The attention you give to the packaging is appreciated, as the stylish little gift box is perfect for keeping the necklace safe and secure when not being worn. I've already told some friends about your jewellery, and have seen some other items on your site that would make fantastic gifts for loved ones (or myself!).

Thanks again and warm regards.

Dallas. QLD

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